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RFID Container Terminal is an RFID UHF - ISO 18000-6 (EPC Global) able to read all types of RFID seals (from any manufacturer)

The gate is managed by the EPR FAST LANE STATION system.

For every lane the “JANUS-GATE: RFID GATE PASSIVE SYSTEM UHF” can read up to 2 RFID SEALS on the container that passes through it.
The system can also read up to 4 RFID-SEALS with the aid of a special optional firmware.

The Management Software allows the RFID gates to be monitored and operated easily by the control staff. The main pieces of data that the system can manage are:     

• Serial number of the RFID container seals
• Identification of the gate
• Identification of the lane
• Date and time of the reading
• Number and reading of each individual RFID container seal
• Take a sequential reading where a container is sealed with two seals or where there are two containers on the same trailer
• The state of the security seal (e.g. TAMPERED / NOT TAMPERED) valid for the containers fitted with the RFID NEPTUNE SEAL Anti tamper with special software.



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An RFID system for automatically reading RFID container security seals covering multi-lanes.


When it comes to bolt lock seals, our NEPTUNESEAL is among the best in the world. The ring which blocks the pin is automatically incorporated inside the cylinder.






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